Regional Newsletter

Our region held a meeting at the national convention held in Seattle in July. Several club presidents and other members were present.Dave Ferkinhoff was recognized as the new regional coordinator.  Year in service awards were handed out to various members present.Club Items.Some things that should be done are each club should have a Facebook group page. That will allow your members to join your club group. Our region will also have a group page where you can post meetings, recruiting ideas, etc. The regional one will be a closed group so you will have to ask to be added. I have to set that up yet so don’t look for it yet. How you do your club Facebook site is up to you.I am proposing we have an annual regional swap meet. The way it will work is each club will be given another club’s contact info, and the number of members. So you club will receive something from one club, and give something to a different one. By the time it’s done every club member should have made something, and received something. This will probably require sister clubs to join so the numbers come out roughly even. I’m going through the list to see how many members each club has so they can be evened out. I’m suggesting that the members of every club (including the sister club if you have one) make the same things to give to the receiving club. As a club each club would make something different. For instance all members of the Cape Cod club might make lobster traps to give to Tiny Treasures, and Tiny Treasures might make lamps to give to the next club. But what to make is completely up to each club. I’m thinking sometime in Oct or Nov would be a good time to set it up. If you have comments please respond to this email.I’d also like to set up an on-line regional day.  Not sure yet how that would work so am looking for comments for that. The Facebook page would be the best place for those comments so everyone can see them.Finally I’d like to know if your club would be open to inviting on-line region members in your area a couple times a year to join a club activity. It could be making something as a group activity or even just going out to lunch/dinner, or both. Something that would be worth them driving an hour or two to get to a couple times a year. Let me know if there is interest and I’ll see about finding which on-line members are closest to your club.Regional Items.Connie Reagan and Kim Hoffman have volunteered to be co-chairs for a regional to be held 4-5 years from now.  I’m sure they will be asking for committee volunteers so please consider saying “YES!” if they ask. Or let them know now if you want to chair a certain position.Connie Reagan is also our event coordinator. If you are having a state day or fun day please let her know when choosing a date. She will coordinate the dates so there are no conflicts.Thanks and I hope to hear from each of you.Dave Ferkinhoff, M2 RC 

Each of our clubs has their own opportunity to post their newsletter. We have a regional facebook page, and each club has their own page as well so please visit that for the latest up to date info.